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Experts from Germany, the UK and Italy brought sights and experience to the “International Conference for Shui-nan Economic and Trade Park Development Project”(2009-11-22)

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2012-01-03

 In order to introduce more creative thinking and explore more imagination of the vision and opportunities of the Shui-an Economic and Trade Park development plan, the Taichung City Government hosted the International Conference for Shui-nan Economic and Trade Park Development Project in Feng-chia University on November 22. Hsiao Chia-chi, Vice Mayor of Taichung City, said that the Shui-an Economic and Trade Park development plan s the 3rd largest land development, by land area. It’s the key and most influential project for the future development of Taichung. Experts from Germany, the UK and Italy were invited to join the discussion to bring more insight. Hopefully, the development team will adopt the implication of successful past foreign cases as reference for the plan.

Hsiao Chia-chi said the “Shui-an Economic and Trade Park development project” was the “Former Taichung Airport Site Redevelopment Plan”. It covered 250 hectares of land. Following the Phase IV Land Readjustment Area (450 hectares) and Phase XIV Land Readjustment Area, it is the 3rd largest land development plan in Taichung City. After Taichung City and Taichung was reorganized as a “municipality”. The park will be the new geographical center of the city. The project was dubbed as “Shui-nan Economic and Trade Environmental Park”. The major features of the project include “Big Park”. “Big University Campus”, “Big Convention and Exhibition Hall”, “Big Dome” and one Scenery Tower��"the Taiwan Tower.

Professor Paul Lawitzke from Germany, who was the director of marketing department for recreational industry of Ruhr, gave a speech about “The marketing strategy for Ruhr��"the culture capital of Europe in 2010”. Professor Michael Roger Bristow (ecologist) from the UK gave a speech about “Ecologic City��"the principles for environmental planning for the city”. Professor Lorena Alessio (an expert of Urban Culture Landscape Planning) from Italy shared his sights through a speech about “Creative Urban Landscape Planning”. All three scholars shared their expertise and insights, and introduced the past international successful cases with the audiences.

According to the Department of Urban Development, hopefully through the international conference, the attendees would propose many creative ideas for the plan to generate more effective strategies to implement the development plan and reach a higher vision to shape a new paradigm of urban development and enhance international visibility.

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