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Wanho Temple

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2012-06-18

The Wanho Temple is also known as the "Litoutien Divine Mother Temple" because it is located on old Litoutien St. ("Plow Store St. in Taichung's modern NanTun district), which was formerly an area of shops making agricultural implements such as plows. Retired Zhejiang province military official Chang Kuo and some followers settled in the Maowutung village area during the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty (1662-1723). Because they believed that an image of the goddess Matsu fro Meizhou in Fujian province had protected them on the journey to Taiwan, the settlers erected a crude shrine to the goddess.

Afterwards the Litoutien area gradually became more prosperous and a temple was built on land donated by Chang Kuo. Soon Funds for temple construction were donated by eleven other familes living in the area, the Liao, Chien, Lai, Huang, Chiang, Ho, Yang, Tai, Liu, Chen, and Lin families.

A sum of 10,000 yuan was collected, and in 1726 the temple was completed. Known as the "Wanho Temple", this structure was used for the worship of an image of the manifestation of the goddess Matsu known as "Senior Great Mother". The Wanho temple faces east-southeast. It is a deep temple structure with three open shrine rooms, three rooms, two galleries, and two wings. The front hall consists of three open shrine rooms has three doors. The wood is decorated with exquisite openwork carvings.

Hexagonal stone columns support the front eaves, and the heads of the columns are decorated with carved indentations in the shape of lotus blossoms. Which is a rather unusual feature. While the front hall is dedicated to "Senior Great Mother" Matsu, an image of "Senior Second Mother" Matsu was installed during the Jiaqing period (1796-1821), images of "Saintly Second Mother" Matsu and "Saintly third Mother" Matsu was installed during the Kuanghsu period (1875-1908).

And an image of "Saintly Senior Second Mother" Matsu was installed during the early years of the Republic of China. The rear hall is for the worship of Kuanyin, while the left hall is for the worship of Chusheng Niangniang and the right hall holds memorial tablets to Chang Kuo and Lai Ching-piao. A side room on the left is for the worship of Kuansheng Tichum, and a side room on the right is for the worship of Shennung Tati.

Category: Class 3
Announcement date: 11/27/85
Location: 51 Wanhe Rd. section 1, NanTun district, Taichung
Transportation: Jen You Bus Company routes 10, 11, 30, 40 to NanTun stop
Visitor hours: 5:30 AM ~ 10:00 PM

  • Categories: LandConstructure, Religion, ArtsandCulture

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