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Chang Family Shrine

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2012-06-18

The Chang family ancestral Shrine is located in the area formerly known as Hsiachi Changli (today's XieHe li in the XiTun district). This temple was built by descendants of the Matang Chang family of Shibi village, Ninghua country, Dingzhou prefecture, Fujian province.

The Lin family ancestral shrine is built in the traditional Fujianese architectural style. The famous Zhangzhou master carpenter Chen Ying-shan personally supervised construction of the wood frame portion. The shrine seeks to perfectly blend architectural aesthetics and structural mechanics, and is a very representative structure of its type. Decoration includes carvings, paintings, calligraphy, cutouts, and clay sculpture; the woodcarvings are particularly notable. The wooden frames of the gateway and central hall contain most of the carvings, which feature such techniques as bas-relief, round relief, and openwork.

The red brick walls of the front hall feature Eight Diagram three-sill bamboo node windows. The outer frames of the windows are decorated with brick carvings. The carving technique and the scenes carved are clearly different on the two sides of the temple.

The straight-sill wooden windows in the brick wall of the main hall are simpler in form than those of the front hall. The large wooden beams making up the internal structure mostly use Yigshan wood. Only the right and left galleries and the areas under the front eaves of the two halls are built with carved and painted beams.

The roof is entirely in the Yingshan style, and the roofs of the two halls and the courtyard doorways in the inner and outer wings have up curved "swallowtails." Because roof tiles had begun falling off this shrine, the Taichung city government acted to protect the city's priceless cultural heritage by starting renovation work in February 1996. This work was completed in April 1998 and cost a total of NT$54 million (approximately US$2.0 million).

Category: Class 3
Type: Temple
Announcement date: 11/27/85
Location: 111 Anhe Rd., XiTun Dist.,
Taichung Visitor hours: Please inquire by telephone before visiting.

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