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English Speaking Hospitals & Doctors

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2012-08-01

All doctors in Taiwan speak'Medical English', as most of their learning materials and textbooks were in English. For best results in communicating with doctors locally, use medical terms rather than more common terms. For example, 'runny nose' may be understood - but 'phlegm' will almost certainly be understood. Understanding pronunciation is sometimes a problem going in both directions, but doctor's English reading skills are strong - so writing down what you want to communicate will almost certainly be understood.

Some doctors have been educated abroad, or have advanced English skills (see list below).  One hospital in Taichung specialises in serving the international community, the Jen-Ai Hospital-Dali (International Patient Center).  Staffed with international volunteers and a highly educated team, this hospital has done much for the local foreign community's medical needs. 


Cheng Ching Hospital   澄清醫院  http://www.ccgh.com.tw/CK/eng/

118, Taiwan Boulevard, Sec. 3, Xitun District (TaiZhongGang Road Branch)中港路三段118號(中港分院)

139, Pingteng St., Central District (Pingteng Street Branch)平等街139號(平等分院)(04) 2463-2000

Info Desk:

ext. 6111 (PingTeng)

ext. 2122 (Taiwan Boulevard)


ext. 6139 (Pingteng St.)

ext. 2184, 2185 (Taiwan Boulevard)

China Medical University Hospital  中國醫藥學院 http://www.cmuh.org.tw
Address: 2, Yude Rd., North District 北區育德路2號; (04) 2205-2121, ext. 5178, 5180 Info Desk: ext. 3115, 3116
Emergency: ext. 1150, 1151, 1163 Operator: ext. 9
Jen-Ai Hospital-Dali (International Patient Center) 仁愛綜合醫院-大里分院 國際病患服務中心  http://www.jah.org.tw/international.asp
Address: 483, Dongrong Rd, Dali District 台中縣大里市東榮路483號 (04) 2481-9900 Info Desk: ext. 1995, 2408
Emergency:   Operator:  
Jen-Ai Hospital-Taichung 仁愛綜合醫院: 台中分院  http://www.jah.org.tw/english.asp
Address: 36, Liuchuan E. Rd., Sec. 3, Central District 柳川東路三段 36號 Tel: (04) 2225-5450
Kuang Tien General Hospital International Health Services Center光田綜合醫院 http://www.ktgh.com.tw/InternationalHealth/English
Address: 117, Shatien Rd., Shalu District Tel: (04) 2665-1900
Taichung Veterans General Hospital 臺中榮民總醫院 http://www.vghtc.gov.tw/portal/english/introduction.htm
Address: 160, Taiwan Boulevard, Sec. 3, Xitun District 台中港路三段160號; (04) 2359-2525 Info Desk: ext. 2977
Emergency:  xt. 3650, 3610 Operator:  ext. 9
Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital International Medical Service enter 童綜合醫院  http://www.sltung.com.tw/pkcase/27international/eng/01tenet/
Address: 699, Chungchi Rd., Wuqi District Tel: (04) 2658-3899


Bairs Eye Clinic Laser Vision Center
Address: 192-4, Beitun Rd., Beitun District Tel: 04) 2234-6699 (04) 2322-3123
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 am-12 pm, 6-9 pm    
Lin's Family OBS & GYN Clinic
Address: 207, Fuxing Rd, Sec.4 Tel: (04) 2223-8148   Fax: 2220-2938
Hours: Mon~Sat 9am~12pm, 7pm~9:30pm Specialist: General Practise OBS & GYN.  Proficient in English, Taiwanese and Mandarin.
Dr. Wang & Wong's Clinic
Address: 343, Xiangshang S. Rd., Sec. 1 Tel: (04) 2472-7678
Hours:  Mon.-Sat. 9 am-1 pm,6-9    
Soyo International Clinic
Address: 57 Dongxin Rd. Sec. 2 Tel:  
The Best Orthopedic Clinic (Dr. Chen)
Address: 357, Xitun Rd., Sec. 1 Tel: (04) 2310-1525


National Veterinary Hospital
Address: 759, Meicun (MeiTsun) Rd., Sec. 1 Tel: (04)2371-0496
Address: North Branch: 272, Jinhua N Rd Tel: (04)2236-0903
Address: Gene Vet Branch: 3, Daye Rd. Tel: (04)2310-3683
Address: Wenxin Branch: 325,Wenxin Rd,Sec 4 Tel: (04)2247-8377

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Jen-Ai Hospital-Dali (International Patient Center)

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