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Gaomei Wetlands

  • Issued by   Tourism and Travel Bureau
  • Date:2015-03-26

The Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area was first established on September 29, 2005. Its wildlife variety, including plants, bird species and other invertebrates make it a key nature reserve. Migratory birds can be sighted her during various seasons, making it a recent haven for bird-watchers. A biking trail, windmill and a small dam contribute to the feeling and accessibility of the place. The area from the coastal bridge to the roadside lampposts is full of crabs scuttling along the trail and the fauna makes the area feel like a full-grown forest. With vibrant birds swooping around the sky, the drive to Gaomei Wetland is definitely scenic. There is a biking path that will connect cyclists right to the fishing port and to the popular biking trail in Houli.

Address: Dajia River Estuary in Qingshui

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