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First Kazakhstani Equestrian Performance in Taiwan at Flora Expo, Loves Fengjia Night Market

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-11-01
First Kazakhstani Equestrian Performance in Taiwan at Flora Expo, Loves Fengjia Night Market
First Kazakhstani Equestrian Performance in Taiwan at Flora Expo, Loves Fengjia Night Market

During Flora Expo, at Houli area the “Almaty Equestrian Performance of Kazakhstan” will demonstrate the horsemanship against the tranquility of flowers, bringing the most beautiful park of floral horses to the visitors. From Kazakhstan, the 10 members arrived in Taiwan in August and continued on the training, also took the opportunity to visit Taichung. Luba, the leader of the group, stated that Fengjia Night Market is their favorite place to visit, as there are many gourmet never seen in Kazakhstan. The leader expects the group to gain more international experiences through this performance in Flora Expo.

Taichung Tourism Bureau indicates that, there may not be many people in Taiwan know about Kazakhstan. The largest inland country in the world develops livestock industry as the main activity. People in Kazakhstan knows how to ride horses and has developed renowned Equestrian Performing groups. Among which the national “Almaty Equestrian Performance of Kazakhstan” group owns most reputation.

The leader, Luba, of the group “Almaty Equestrian Performance of Kazakhstan” has 25 years of professional experience. This time he comes to Taiwan with 6 female members and 3 male members. As per Luba, the group has been established for long, and is frequent on national important festivals. This time the performers have at least 3 years of performing experiences, and will bring their best games to the Flora Expo.

Luba indicated that Taichung is a beautiful, friendly city with easy transportation and people of hospitality. And Houli Horse Ranch, to their pleasant surprise, is the biggest, most beautiful performing venue where they have ever performed in the world. It will be an unforgettable one to perform here.

When the members are not in training in the Ranch, they would visit the city, says Luba. “Fengjia Night Market” impresses them the most as there are lots of gourmets never seen in Kazakhstan, and the varieties of fruits amaze them as well. It is a pleasant experience to visit Taichung, bringing the members of Never-before-tasted exotic food.
The daily hard training has been going on for two months, says Luba. However, to best demonstrate the competent skills and amazing stunts, the members are devoted to the practice to bring out their top games during the 6-month exposition. This is also a great opportunity to show Taiwanese people more of Kazakhstan. The performance also enhances international communication.

As per Tourism Bureau, the 40 minutes “Kazakhstani Equestrian Performance” in Houli Equestrian Park performs everyday at 11:00 and 15:00, except for the Equestrian competition during November 9 to 11 and December 7 to 9. Additional performance during special festivals on off days and 11/6, 11/20, 11/27, 12/25, 1/1, 2/5, 2/19. At least 298 performances during the exposition bring the coordinate skills of strength and beauty in the hundred-year-old Houli Horse Ranch.

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