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Japanese architects create the Flora Expo triangle building block concept hall to display more than a thousand varieties of camellia.

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  • Date:2018-11-01
Japanese architects create the Flora Expo triangle building block concept hall to display more than a thousand varieties of camellia.
Japanese architects create the Flora Expo triangle building block concept hall to display more than a thousand varieties of camellia.

Taichung Flora Expo will open this weekend. The Taichung City Government has invited Taiwan Land Development Corporation (TLDC) to build a corporate pavilion in Houli Forest Park. It is a “TLDC Triangle Building Concept Hall” created by the famous Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma. He breaks the traditional architectural form, changes life at 60°angle, and applies the concept of cells to show the original value of building blocks. The Camellia Garden in the pavilion offers 1,200 special varieties such as "Ji", "Early Pearl", "Tianxiang" and "Mona Rose" camellia cultivated by Taiwan, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of architecture and camellia at the same time.

Today (29th), in the press conference of first look of "TLDC Triangle Building Blocks Concept Hall", Vice Mayor Guang Yao, TLDC Chairman Qiu Fusheng, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and others cooperate grand occasion together and announce the hall with beauty of architecture and Camellia will officially open for visit.

Vice Mayor Zhang said that Chairman Qiu was originally a tycoon in the film and television industry, but he expands to land development and cooperates with the city government in the urban industrial zone. At the same time, he also serves as a member of the Taichung Flora Expo Promotion Committee. The idea, which was promoted by him is really realized, and the invitation of the Japanese architects to design the building concept hall makes it simple but meaningful, and even more amazing. In addition, the TLDC Triangle Building Concept Hall also promotes the building block experience activities, allowing the public not only to appreciate beautiful at Flora Expos, but also to introduce the past and future of Camellia through Science and Technology Agriculture 4.0, so that visitors can broaden their knowledge.

Qiu Fusheng, TLDC chairman, pointed out that the world is entering the Internet of Things era, and Taichung is also making every effort to develop Industry 4.0. Therefore, the building block concept hall is designed to make use of human intelligence, such as "microclimate" calculations, to combine the space with elements such as wind direction and temperature, hoping that technology will not regenerate and the Internet of Things more interesting.

At the same time, the building block hall with cultural value-added will create a harmonious relationship between man and nature, and move toward the "following nature way". This is also in line with the consistent practice of the company's multi-purpose recyclable resources and less use of cement development.

Kengo Kuma said that the building block hall uses the most natural materials to make people feel happy, and learn how to recycle these materials to create better buildings. In addition, besides the design body of the architect, multiple combinations and changes of building blocks also invite more people to participate.

Kengo Kuma believes that the TLDC Building Block Hall has elements of future architecture. The building blocks are a material to arouse childlikeness and enthusiasm especially for him. Taichung is a very beautiful city with many green belt parks that many other cities don’t have and in which architecture and nature are closely integrated. It is expected that no matter adults or children will feel at ease in this space and make the building block a place that people want to come every day.

According to the Economic Development Bureau, the main concept of the TLDC Building Block Concept Hall extends from the building blocks to the building and displays the childlike and creative power in a triangular building structure, breaks the architectural form of right angles and horizontal angles, and changes life at 60°angle. In addition to building construction, the triangular building blocks can also be used to form furniture, chairs or shelves. The combination way of the triangular building blocks is the same as that of each cell of the human body, both with different functions and sharing of different work. The concept of cell structure is applied to the building to design various architectural creations.

In addition to visiting the Triangle Building Block Concept Hall, you can enjoy the most fragrant Camellia "Ji", the "Morning Pearl" camellia in the camellia world, the evergreen shrub plant "Tianxiang", also known as the very fragrant camellia, and the "Mona Rose" cultivated by Taiwan and other distinctive varieties in the park. The six major varieties of Camellia, such as Hongshan camellia, Yunnan camellia, Camellia sasanqua , Williams camellia, Camellia hybrid, and Original camellia, will be exhibited in turn in six-month extension of the Flora Expo, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of architecture and camellia at the same time, satisfying the five senses experience of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

During the Flora Expo period, 1,200 kinds of Camellia varieties will be exhibited. All kinds of Camellia will be marked with resumes. Visitors can use the mobile phone NFC or QR Code to show the name, variety and characteristics, and experience the digital service of Smart Agriculture 4.0.
In addition, from now until November 14th, TLDC will hold a "Guess the Number of Building Blocks" competition on the Internet, allowing the public to guess how many triangular blocks area used in the TLDC Concept Hall. People can go to "Taiwan Land Development" Facebook page, like, tag friends and write the answer, then there is a chance to get the Flora Expo tickets, Taiwan Land Development Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/426872937434803/posts/1730326877089396 / ).

Besides, during the Flora Expo period, an experience platform is also planned, allowing visitors to create with triangular building blocks and have the opportunity to get a set of blocks, limited to 500 sets. Welcome to participate.

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