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“TRA Full Support Flora Expo” Taichung Green Transportation On Road

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-10-12
 “TRA Full Support Flora Expo” Taichung Green Transportation On Road
“TRA Full Support Flora Expo” Taichung Green Transportation On Road

Transportation for Flora Expo starting November 3 is announced. As Flora Expo triggers Taiwan’s largest scale of movement ever, says Director Wang Yi-bo of Transportation Bureau, Tc’s “TRA for Flora Expo” project will support and carry visitors into Houli and Fengyuan every ten minutes. The Expo connects at Houli Station and is 10 minutes walk from Fengyuan Station to Huludun Zone. For Waipu Zone, take shuttle bus depart from Dajia Station. There also will be 295,000 shuttles departure scheduled from 16 pick-up stops.

Traffic Bureau Director Wang indicated, on the press of Taichung Flora Expo today (5), that the quickest way to get to Flora Expo will be by train. To avoid traffic, arrange your eco, quick, easy and cozy ride using the 12 Flora Expo shuttle routes provided by the City Government.

The “TRA Flora Expo Project A” suggest visitors to take train, 20 minutes ride from Taichung Station, and get off at Houli, where it connects to the Expo immediately; or to Fengyuan Station, and the Expo is 10 minute walk or 5 minutes with iBike, 15 minutes by shuttle; for Waipu Zone, get off at Dajia Station and take bus 92, 212, 213, 215 or 811, says Director Wang.

The “Project B” is for visitors driving to the Expo. More than 17,000 parking spaces at Shengang, Waipu, Jiabaochang and YFY, and free spaces provided by Lihpao Land. Park your car and take free shuttles to the Expo.

There are also 5 routes from city to Houli Zone, and e-Bus connecting Houli and Waipu Zones. Free shuttles operate at least every 10 minutes and will have additional departures accordingly.

For visiting in groups, “Project C” covers designated stops to get on/off and park tour bus at all Expo Zones. There are also drivers’ rest area. For tour buses to pickup passengers, make sure all passengers are ready to board before arriving at pickup location. Illegal tour bus parking will be reinforced to ensure smooth traffic during Flora Expo.

Director Wang emphasized that there will be no single parking spaces along the Expo area, and all parking will be allocated far from the Expo. Temporary parking will not be allowed, and enhanced traffic control to minimize local impact.

To allow visitors to follow signs driving to the Expo designated parking lots, the signboards are designed for easy indication and proper diversion of traffic flow. Placed at carefully chosen locations on highway and major city routes in bright neon yellow green for easy visibility in night time.

Taiwan’s first dedicated areas for tour bus drivers to rest and replenish with free meals and drinks before getting on road again are built in each Expo zone, with designated departure/arrival stops and parkings for tour bus.

Director Wang encourage people to take green transportation, TRA, free Flora Expo shuttles and city buses and benefit from free traffic jam.

For more information, visit the official website of Flora Expo at http://bit.ly/2O7Jn7A
or Flora Expo Transportation Access (http://bit.ly/2y0wMJ5).

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