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20 Dandelion Reading Feasts in Taichung Parks. Mayor: Let Books and Flowers be Everywhere in Taichung.

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-10-12
20 Dandelion Reading Feasts in Taichung Parks. Mayor: Let Books and Flowers be Everywhere in Taichung.
20 Dandelion Reading Feasts in Taichung Parks. Mayor: Let Books and Flowers be Everywhere in Taichung.

With the upcoming Taichung Flora Expo, Taichung sets out a project of creating at least 40 green reading feasts in taiwan by designers, architects and entrepreneurs from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. 20 reading feasts in Taichung will be open in turn from now on throughout city parks. Mayor Lin Chia-lung visited the “mud feast” in Xiehe Park, Xitun Dist, and encourage people to join the activity of “Taichung Flora Expo x Beautiful Touch”, spread the beauty of flowers and books like dandelion.

“Taichung Flora Expo x Beautiful Touch” Dandelion Project expects to incorporate good design into our daily life. It encourages people to share books and begin to read again, restart the connection between one another. Today there are 20 feasts become available from today throughout Taichung, and Mayor Lin donated “Happiness Lives in Taichung” and wrote in it “one knows how to live will love Taichung”. Let’s enjoy Taichung Flora Expo, read, and speak for good living concept.

The event was joined by Deputy Secretary-General Guo Kun-Ming, Deputy Director Shih Chun-fu of Culture Bureau, Xitun District Head He Guo-yu, Legislator Zhangliao Wan-jian, Founder of Beautiful Touch Guo Xia-yi, Ling Zong-yong, and Banmu Design Director and Architect for “mud feast” He Chuan-xin.

“Thanks to Flora Expo, beautiful things are happening”, says Mayor Lin, it is good to connect reading and flowers, spread the beautiful touch through reading feast. With the connection of Flora Expo and Beautiful Touch, the idea meets what we wanted to convey through Flora Expo, “because of connections, there is ‘Gong Ho”, there are more possibilities”.

Mayor indicated that when you read at home, you go back to history and you can enjoy it. But when you do it in public space, you can share it, pass the good things out, reflect on oneself through reading feast. Let’s start with ourselves. Only when everyone is good, can we have a harmonious, sustainable living surrounding. We look forward to bringing elevated readings environment to Taichung through the reading feast.

Inspired by Flora Expo, the design of reading feast incorporated with flowers and local environment, simple transparent structure, or natural materials, so as to link the feast with green land and allow people to enjoy the flowers while reading, said Culture Bureau. “We are designers with passion for Taichung, and expect good things to happen now, and let the beauty come into Taichung.”, says “Taichung Flora Expo x Beautiful Touch” designer and founder Chang Qing-ping.

The 20 reading feasts in Taichung, including a home inspired “Chuxin Gonghao” reading feast in Chaoyang Ecopark at Xitun Dist, connects the beauty of men and earth; the “bamboo feast” on Jingguo Parkway depicts the beautiful connection between human through bamboo structure; the “piled-up feast” in Donghu Park, Dali Dist, stacks up various shape at a book’s height, create a place for people to meet, convey a good connection between books and human; the “one connecting the other|books to pass out love” in Sizhangli Park, Beitun Dist, places one circle on top of the other, presenting a intimate and familiar relationships of human. With dandelion, love and hope is passed out under the sky, says Culture Bureau.

In addition, the “between pages” in Donghu Park, Dali Dist, begin the discovery between pages; the “self-reflection” of Wenxin Forest Park expects people to see themselves when reading. Reading is not only over words, there is experiences and growth in life. “Fascinating” in the wooden trail of Zhongxing St. completed the design with “人”, and sees it as “入” from the other end. Contouring, stacking up yet hollow structure is incorporated into city view and daily life, giving the most beautiful urban line.

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