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Taichung Park Evening Lighting Effect Catches Chinese Valentine’s Day

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-07-11
Taichung Park Evening Lighting Effect Catches Chinese Valentine’s Day
Taichung Park Evening Lighting Effect Catches Chinese Valentine’s Day

Old town area is decorating its evening with lighting effect. The Taichung Park Lighting Rebuild Project covers “Riyue Lake”, “Taichung Park Pavilion”, fountain, and Zhong Zheng Bridge, Zhong Shan Bridge. The project is scheduled to complete in July and the area will be adorned with changing LED lights of red, yellow, blue and green. On Chinese Valentine’s Day the lighting will be launched to welcome the public into the hundred year old Park.

As per Construction Bureau, the area is enhanced with lighting and illumination at several attractions. The brightness balance adjustment at Park facilities, such as the addition of 60 LED string lights under the lighting equipment at sides of roof of Park Pavilion, and 16 lights towards the ground. Inside the Pavilion, there will be 24 elevated floodlight of 10-20 watts set up on the basis of protecting historic site. The Pavilion is given a silhouette of splendid palace standing in the Lake in the night time.

In addition, the lighting for the Lake combines water and night scene to create layers of visual effects. 30 LED lights under the water are dominated by red color, and enhanced with deep blue and leafy green. Automatic control with constant changing projecting lights will enhance fountain and the dance of the water.

The two bridges, Zhong Zheng Bridge and Zhong Shan Bridge, are renovated with lighting effect as well, says Construction Bureau. The Japanese style red wooden Zhong Shan Bridge is embellished with crimson red LED string light in the existing bridge light to enhance the illumination of bridge floor, and for the bridge wall there is yellow orange string lights decorated for best look. Central sides under the bridge are equipped with projecting lights to enhance the elegant red color structure of the Bridge.

As for the Chinese brick style Zhong Zheng Bridge, the existing round shape lamps are removed and instead chrome-colored LED lights are installed, with two projecting lights at each side of the lake across the Bridge. Each column is equipped with one step light at the side. Projecting lights are installed central position under the bridge, enhancing the aesthetics and the flow of the Bridge.

The trail around the Lake, indicated Construction Bureau, is decorated with dimming yellow light. Short landscape lights around lotus area and the lake; single side lighting effect along the lake trail, tall landscape lights, land lights, tree projecting lights to enhance the silhouette of arbors and other plants at the entrance; the decoration is installed without hurting or changing the living of the trees while donning different atmosphere to the surrounding area with various lighting facilities.

While maintaining historic sites, the facilities are renewed with lighting effects to enhance its true color, says Huang-Yu-ling, the Director of Construction Bureau. Non-glare lighting equipment softens the area, with each zone of the Park and the entrance/exit safety light and energy-saving enhanced as well. The landscape lights will take turns to shut down to save more energy. Controlled by smart system, the installation accommodates festivals, holidays and events, and the modes of gentle atmosphere compliment the site late in the evening.

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