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Taichung City to Found “Gaming Committee”, Mayor: the City is Strong Back-Up for Gamers

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-07-11
Taichung City to Found “Gaming Committee”, Mayor: the City is Strong Back-Up for Gamers
Taichung City to Found “Gaming Committee”, Mayor: the City is Strong Back-Up for Gamers

Taichung Sports Federation is to found “Gaming Committee” to accommodate and incubate gaming professionals. Under the Committee gaming trainers will be cultivated to provide gamers and the fast-growing industry.
Taichung’s determination to foster ACG industry is realized by “Youth Hope Project” that incubate young professionals from government policies, education and the business industry, three aspects, making Taichung a city of strong supporter for gaming industry, says Mayor Lin.

Today (3) at Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park the launch of Taichung City Sports Federation Gaming Committee took place. Joined by Mayor Lin, City councilman and Gaming Committee Chairperson Jiang Zhao-guo, General Secretary of Sports Federation Yang Yong-chang, Taichung City Information Bureau Director Zhuo Guan-ting, Sports Bureau Director Wang Qing-tang, Education Bureau Director Peng Fu-yuan, and Economic Development Bureau Director Lu Yao-zhi, the event is witnessed by vice general manager of HQ Investment Lin Yu-lun, Sales Manager of MSI Ji Sheng-yi, Chairperson of Taichung Electronics Street Management Committee Yu Zheng-xiong, Vice President of Overseas Chinese University
Lai Shu-ling, Vice President of Ling Tung University Chen Ren-long, Board Director of Youth Senior High School Tsai You-zhan, and Lu Jia-hong, the Trainer of Shark, OCU.

Participated in a demo of LoL with Shark, OCU, Mayor Lin is impressed with the difficulty of coordination between hands and the brain. One must be agile and highly focused to be good at it.

Mayor Lin indicated that gaming is a sports as well as an industry that grows in a fast pace. Not only it was recognized last year as a sports by International Olympic Committee (IOC) and will be categorized as a Demonstration Sport in Asian Games, 2018, the Sports has also been permitted officially, by Legislative Yuan, as one of the sports, and the new categories it brings.

This summer City Government is to hold the first “City Cup” Games, aiming at an incubator city for local gaming professionals. The complete platform will enhance the gamers’ performance, while the public can enjoy the sports as a pastime activity.

Taichung aims at foster ACG industry (Anime, Comics, and Games) and has been training professionals under Youth Hope Project. Moreover, the “National Comics Museum” in Shuinan Smart City, “Central Taiwan Movie Center” in Wufeng, and “animator/illustrator stationed-in Fourth Market" are all realizing the ACG industry from policies, education and business industry, indicated Mayor Lin.

Contrast to the time when children would be beat for playing video games, now there are 16 million out of 23 million Taiwanese population are following gaming related field. The establishment of Gaming Committee is to consolidate the resources from the government, industry and schools to create a better environment for the professional gamers, the concerning general public, and the trainings for live hosts, live broadcast hosts, etc., says Gaming Committee Chairperson Jiang Zhao-guo.

Jiang appreciated Mayor’s support for the establishment of the Committee that sets the goal of turning Taichung into the hometown for gaming professionals, a leading city with abundant gaming resources.

It means a lot to found a Gaming Committee in Taichung, says General Secretary of Sports Federation Yang Yong-Chang. Academic gaming education centers are founded in OCU, Ling Tung University and Youth Senior High School to foster basic gamers. Relevant sessions and classes can be developed and extended in many more schools with the support from the industry and government’s effort for better professional incubation.

As per Information Bureau, the first “Taichung Gaming Festival” this summer has planned various themes and game matches for school students, general public and professionals. The event welcomes maximum participation while branding its unique “Taichung Gaming Festival” merchandise.

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