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Eindhoven in Netherlands advocates for Taichung declaration Mayor Lin invited them to participate in the Flora Expo

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-06-14
Eindhoven in Netherlands advocates for Taichung declaration  Mayor Lin invited them to participate in the Flora Expo
Eindhoven in Netherlands advocates for Taichung declaration Mayor Lin invited them to participate in the Flora Expo

Please come to Taichung World Flora Expo ! Mayor of Eindhoven in Netherlands, John Jorritsma today (7th) led the team to visit Taichung City Government. He signed the 「Taichung declaration」 with Mayor Chia-lung Lin to advocate for the idea of green production, nature ecology and people cultural lives. Mayor Lin said, Almere in Netherlands will join in the Flora Expo together to build the Netherlands Hall in the international garden area and introduce the circular economy and smart city related demonstration technologies. We hope our relationship will be enhanced through the constant communications.

Mayor of Eindhoven in Netherlands, John Jorritsma today was accompanied by the representative of Netherlands Trade and Investment office, Wei-der Jie to visit Taichung City Government with the team. Mayor Lin interviewed the group with the companions, including city administration advisor Jin-deng Hsiao and Secretary-general of Economic Development Bureau Jen-jen Tsai to invite them to participate in the opening ceremony of Taichung World Flora Expo on 3rd November. They discussed a lot about traffic, economy and smart city related topics under a lively atmosphere.

Mayor Lin said, Taichung owns the 60 km of「Dadu Mountain Golden Rift Valley」 where the most complete supply chain related industries gather together, including Giant bicycles and some hand-made tools related industries. There are very mature production lines to combine with the aerospace industries to upgrade the industrial development in Taichung. Besides, some key constructions like Taichung metro system are implemented continuously and the City Government has aggressively built the Shuinan Smart Town to make it become the globalized demonstration center. It’s expected to have the further collaborations with Netherlands to make the Shuinan Smart Town even more advanced toward globalization.

He has pointed out that Taichung and Netherlands have constantly exchanged some experiences, including the MOU signed with Signify Holding last year for the collaboration of smart street lights, the Taichung/ Netherlands Day last year for the citizens to learn more about Dutch cultures, and inviting Almere in Netherlands to participate in the Flora Expo to build the Netherlands Hall, where the circular economy and smart city related technologies were applied and demonstrated with the assistance of Signify Holding, in the international garden area etc.

Mayor of Eindhoven, John Jorritsma said, Taichung is really a beautiful city with the diverse scenery of mountains, sea and people culture. This is the first time for him to visit Taichung, he wish this is just a beginning and he will frequently visit Taichung to have more communications on the municipal administrations. He mentioned, Netherlands is highly paying attention to the technological development and the 3D printing technology developed in Netherlands has been reported by CNN. There is a project of 5 residential buildings with 3D printing technology under construction and the first one will be completed for residence in the first half of next year.

The officer of Secretariat said, Eindhoven is ranked as the fifth big city in Netherlands; meanwhile, it’s a city of industrial design and technologies in Netherlands. It’s the city where the Signify Holding (Philips) is originated from and settles as R&D base, the big technological company, ASML, is headquartered. The high technological park, Brainport, is an important innovation incubation center in Netherlands and gathering a lot of technological research companies and the international biotechnology companies there as well.
The former Mayor of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel, has visited Mayor in March, 2016 and had got some consensus on many collaborations. Therefore, the Mayor led a team to visit them in September of the same year to respond to their invitation to congratulate the inauguration of Mayor Jorritsma and witnessed ITRI and IBS Precision Engineering to sign the MOU. The good relationship between these two cities has been established since those communications years ago.

In 2016, Mayor Lin has signed the MOU with the General Manager and Vice President of Signify Holding (Philips) , Taiwan, Yin-tao Yu to collaborate on the smart street lights and smart energy management etc. to build the Shuinan Economic and Trade Park as the demonstrative area of smart city.

Economic Development Bureau has collaborated with Signify Holding (Philips) , Taiwan, to build 120 LED smart street lights at the Refined machinery technological innovative park this year. The street lights will save 117 thousand degrees of electricity which represents NT$525 thousand of electricity bill each year by connecting the monitoring and control system in cloud. Meanwhile, it will decrease 567 tons of carbon emissions. The related equipment will be placed in the whole park gradually and will extend the same system to the Shengang Fenchou technological industrial park then to the other industrial parks gradually. And the urban constructions and the public area will move toward the smart development more.

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