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Smart 2018 Taiwan Sustainable Summit Mayor Lin has elaborated the strategies to facilitate Smart machinery

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-06-14
Smart 2018 Taiwan Sustainable Summit  Mayor Lin has elaborated the strategies to facilitate Smart machinery
Smart 2018 Taiwan Sustainable Summit Mayor Lin has elaborated the strategies to facilitate Smart machinery

Mayor Chia-lung Lin was invited today (7th) to attend the 「Smart 2018 Taiwan Sustainable Summit」. He has elaborated the overall development strategy and blueprint in the name of the 「Taichung smart machinery and digital smart manufacturing」; he addressed nowadays the smart manufacturing has been the global trending. Therefore, Taichung is integrating the resources to establish the 「Global smart machinery development center」to create a central Taiwan based communication platform in the Refined Mechanics Industrial Park. It will be a smart manufacturing site for test run, platform for the innovative business model, AI( artificial intelligence), innovative academy of smart manufacturing and smart manufacturing provider for the integrated smart manufacturing services.

2018「Smart Taiwan Sustainable Summit」 is co-organized by Siemens, Taiwan, German Institute Taipei, German Trade Office Taipei and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy etc. and it’s launched today at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel with many representatives of industries, government institutes and academic territories from Taiwan and Germany. The theme of the event is based on the axis of「Digital innovative economy」and 「Innovation and digital transformation」 to discuss in depth on how important the countries should implement the digital transformation is. Mayor Lin was invited to give a speech in the topic of「Taichung smart machinery and digital smart manufacturing」.

Mayor Lin said, the project of「5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan」has been aggressively rolled out since the inauguration of President Ing-wen Tsai. No matter smart machinery, aerospace or green energy are all related with Taichung. Taichung owns all the elements to become the City of Smart machinery in Taiwan as we have the full range of the supply chain from upstream to lower-reaches industries which are located in the valley of Dadu mountain and form the so-called 60 kilometers of industrial town in the golden rift valley. In order to upgrade the industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the City Government have collaborated to form the「Smart machinery task force office」 in Taichung to be localized and equipped with「local privileges」 by connecting the local and international resources to take the important move to develop our industries in the future.

He mentioned that the City Government has built Taichung as the City of Smart machinery with the integrated platform of the industries, government, academy and research groups to have the consensus; also, they will conduct the forums to get everyone on the same page to facilitate the machinery industries to enter the aerospace territory, form Smart machinery park and industrial spare land etc. in addition to the current central Taiwan 4.0 industrial alliance of the industries, government, academy and research groups or the industrial alliance of A-I-M aerospace machine tool.

Regarding the industrial lands, Mayor Lin said, the regional project of Taichung has been proposed and approved by the Ministry of the Interior. It increased 550 hectares of smart machinery and related industrial lands in addition to the agricultural and ecological conservation lands. Also, the City Government and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have built the「smart manufacturing site for test run」starting the test run last August in the Refined Mechanics Industrial Park. There are the domestic smart manufacturing solutions exhibited; moreover, the Dassault Systèmes from France, Siemens from Germany, Rockwell from the United States and Mitsubishi Electric from Japan will be the other demonstration spots. Meanwhile, the City Government is aggressively contacting the FANUC from Japan to invite them to settle down in the site of test run to establish the demonstration of one-stop service for the 4.0 industrial alliance.

Mayor Lin addressed, Taichung as the「City of smart machinery」will have the「Global smart machinery development center」 established this year so the smart manufacturing site for test run will be the site for demonstration and operation. The talent mapping to the industrial demand will be implemented through the diagnosing team formed by the industries, academy and research groups; then the talents cultivated from AI and smart manufacturing innovative academy and the smart manufacturing service group can combine with the resources sponsored by the government to upgrade the industries concretely. Therefore, the working opportunities will be created and the salary level can be raised to allow the smart machinery industry to connect to the local resources actually.

He said, Taichung owns many refined machinery industries and the City Government is aggressively working with the the industries, academy and research groups to facilitate the smart manufacturing. In the future, we will assist the companies to introduce the digital manufacturing management, develop industrial service modules and enhance the basic capabilities of the machinery industries. By combining the AI, cloud technologies, big data analysis and internet of things technologies, Taichung will become the city of smart manufacturing.

Today, Premier William, Ching-te Lai, Mayor Lin, Mayor of Taoyuan, Wen-tsiang Cheng, Deputy Director of National Development Council, Jun-rong Chiu, the representative of Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, Markus Hess from Germany, Chairman of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation, Rong-hsin Liao, General Manager of Systex, Long-fan Lin, Head of after service of Audi-Volkswagen Taiwan, Joachim Prinz, Director of German Institute Taipei, Martin Eberts, Director of German Trade Office Taipei, Axel Limberg and Ambassador-at-large, Yu-hsin Chien were all present for the conference.

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