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Hsinchu County Magistrate Observing the Successful River Governance

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-03-12
Hsinchu County Magistrate Observing the Successful River Governance
Hsinchu County Magistrate Observing the Successful River Governance

Accompanied by Bureau directors, Hsinchu County Magistrate Qiu Jing-chun visited Taichung today (5). Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung attended to show the renovation result of the two Taichung rivers, Liuchuan and Luchuan. Magistrate Qiu mentioned that the trip would much contribute to Hsinchu water environment construction. As per Mayor Lin, river renovation is one of the core issues in every city. Exchange of experiences with cities will mutually benefit from successful examples.

Hsinchu County Magistrate Qiu led the group of 70 including county government Secretary General, executive officers and bureau directors, to the newly renovated rivers. As hosts, Mayor Lin, Deputy Mayor Lin Ling-san and Water Conservation Bureau Director Zhou Ting-zhang welcomes the group. With Mayor Lin’s guide on river renovation key points, the tour began at Luchuan then followed by Liuchuan.

Upon welcoming the team, Mayor Lin indicated that for Luchuan, the key points lies not only on the flood prevention, but also water quality. The goal is to improve the quality and the amount of water. The success counted on advanced innovative methods. The results are witnessed by numerous visitors during CNY, making the attractions new Facebook check-in hot spots. Minister Lai also praised on the opening ceremony of Luchuan that the achievement of Luchuan has set an example for Taiwan river renovation construction.

Mayor Lin believes that river management is one of the core issues governing a city. It is a positive interaction between Hsinchu and Taichung for that many successful experiences can be shared on the ground of common benefit. Mayor Lin appreciated Magistrate Qiu’s intermutual concern for water environment management.

Magistrate Qiu cherished the collaborated effort from the central and authorities for the Dongxing Waterway renovation project and Zhongxing River bank space renovation project. Both projects are ready and the Taichung visit will definitely contribute to the water construction in Hsinchu. Magistrate Qiu expressed gratitude to Mayor Lin and the team for the tour.

Water Conservation Bureau mentioned that being the highlight of river renovation after Liuchuan, the reopening of Luchuan had drawn national attention. Taichung has overcome one hindrance after another, and now Luchuan is visited by hundreds of people with even its own brand. The never-seen-before Luchuan brand incorporates culture, history and creativity, adding energy to old town district.

Bureau Director Zhou indicated that throughout the entire process, the 850 million TWD renovation project from employment to the consensus with the public, from construction and water quality improvement to historical site conservation, the result has not only significantly decreased the pollution to the upper river north of Minquan Road, improved the water quality of lower river, but also provide Zhongshan Green River a stable anti-flooding constitution. The 2nd phase is set to begin on 3/7 on location of the lower river. Jiancheng Rd household underground water pipe network construction will be conducted in a comprehensive manner until the completion of the project.

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