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100 Year Cherry Blossom Bridge Recovered Serving Luchuan Canal Stunning Spot

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2018-03-06
100 Year Cherry Blossom Bridge Recovered Serving Luchuan Canal Stunning Spot
100 Year Cherry Blossom Bridge Recovered Serving Luchuan Canal Stunning Spot

Luchuan Canal, under Taichung government’s effort, has risen to become another new attraction drawing tourists and citizens’ visits, even during the night time. At the intersection of Taiwan Boulevard and Luchuan E/W Street, hundred years old “Cherry Blossom Bridge” reserved during the remediation project has a bridge tower design rises at each of four corners, while the European style banisters provide a wow factor to the spot. The space under the bridge is now a paved trail for visitors appreciating the original location of Cherry Blossom Bridge. Seeing the past while looking at the present, one feels the close connection between Luchuan Canal and Taichung urban development, indicated Water Conservation Bureau.

“Xinsheng Luchuan Canal Bank Passage Program” involves sewage water interception, draught drainage, water quality improvement, flood safety and prevention, landscape, etc. Among which, partial old “Cherry Blossom Bridge” that hides under Taiwan Boulevard and Chungshan Green Bridge are two main conservation tasks. While the renovation of Luchuan Canal, the continuation of this precious heritage is the key goal.

According to the literature, “Cherry Blossom Bridge” was built in 1915 over Luchuan Canal as a connection of Sakurabashi Machi Street. The “Cherry Blossom Bridge” was believed to have gone into history along with the broadening project of Taiwan Boulevard. The unexpected rediscovery of the Bridge during the Luchuan Canal improvement represents the changes and development of Central District. The City Government decides to keep the entire site as a compliment to the beautiful scene and historic buildings of Luchuan Canal.

To meet the standard flood prevention and the conservation work of Chungshan Luchuan Canal, after numerous inspection and discussion with experts of all fields, Water Conservation Bureau Director Zhou Ting-zhang indicated that flood control channels under the bridge, man-cut retaining poles for the stabilization of the abutment are adopted to protect the historic site and the flood issue of Luchuan Canal. These are the most adequate methods. In addition, the Bureau determined to keep the walls and use man-cut retaining poles for fundamental protection of bridge deck after uncovering the site. Considering the traffic status of Taiwan Boulevard and the stability of the bridge, besides the bridge floor has to keep its original look, the Bureau went for emptying and reserving the under bridge space for visitors to view its original look. The appearance of the Bridge is copied on both sides of Taiwan Boulevard, relating the Luchuan Canal of a hundred years ago to the current look.

Moreover, when the Luchuan Canal improvement project completes, not only the reappearance of “Cherry Blossom Bridge”, a “Wisteria Path” under the Bridge, lighting decorations such as “dandelion”, “jellyfish”, and “happiness light ball” between Shuangshi Rd and Mingquan Rd will also light up every day from 17:30 to 22:00 until April 8th. For detail information visit city government website.

Water Conservation Bureau reminds you that it is a smoking free area throughout Luchuan Canal bank. Please keep out of the grass and the light setups. Do not litter and always remain the trash with you. Let’s guard the beautiful Luchuan Canal altogether.

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