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Calligraphy Greenway New Landmark: 6.5m French bulldog Installation

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-01-09
Calligraphy Greenway New Landmark: 6.5m French bulldog Installation
Calligraphy Greenway New Landmark: 6.5m French bulldog Installation

As a present, the Pink French bulldog installation on Calligraphy Greenway donated by Chimei Museum is launched today (Jan. 5). “The future Taichung landmark is expected to lift the aesthetics aspect of the city, infuse the space with love and energy. Dress in pink and take photos, share with your friends, check in on social media! Make it a Pink Party!” Said Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-lung.

The 6.5m French bulldog, an installation by Taiwanese designer Wang Yawei, is a combination of traditional craft and modern design. Shaped into a French bulldog with pink metal wires, the penetrable artwork situated at the intersection of Xiangshang Rd. and Yingcai Rd. in West Dist has appealed to many kindergarten children. Teachers and parents captured their reaction of touching the big dog.

Today the ceremony of “Pretty Cool! French bulldog Installation Donation” on Calligraphy Greenway is joined by the First Lady of the city Liao Wan-ru representing the Deputy Director of Chimei Museum to giving the art piece to City Mayor Lin Chia-long. As a return gesture, Mayor Lin prepared a cartooned illustration of French bulldog. The event is witnessed by Councilman Jiang Zhao-guo New Construction Office Director of the City Ye Shuang-fu, West District Executive Chen Li-zhu, CEO Chen Bo-hao of CaoWu Co., LTD, the Chairman of Tai Giium Enterprise Chen Yi-ren, and Steven Wu, the CEO of TI-PIAO-TSUI-CHAO CORPORATION.

The French bulldog is right on time for the coming Dog year, as it will uplift Taichung with better aesthetics. Thank you for the Deputy Director of Chimei Museum in assisting the project. As the theme of today’s event “Pretty Cool”, Taichung shall decorate itself with more cultural atmosphere. We look forward to the Flower Expo next year that will transform Taichung into a garden city.” Said Mayor Lin.

As per Mayor of Taichung, the Calligraphy Greenway is now a must visit for not only the locals but also tourists. With installation art, the City Government wishes to link together popular spots such as the specialty restaurants, National Museum of Natural Science, CMP Block Museum of Arts, Shen Ji New Village, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Dadun Cultural Center. Last year we had the statue of the character of WarCraft. Today, this year the pink wire constructed French bulldog is see-through-able to the sky, the grass and the cloud. This will be the new check-in hotspot!

The City Mayor invites citizens to dress in pink and have a photo with the French bulldog, upload and share your pictures with friends and family.

Deputy Director Liao is glad to be able to donate the French bulldog to the City on behalf of the Museum, “As the designer wrote for the art piece, A dog may short live most of the human beings, yet give much more love that is beyond imagination. I wish that the loyalty, passion and friendliness in a dog can make us understand more and respect the meaning of life. Let’s make Taichung a city full of life and love, and remind the tourists of the importance of loving animals.”

Not only did the event invite TFDA (Taiwan Flying Disc Dog Association) to stage an amazing performance of coordination between trainers and mix blood dogs to wow the audience, but also children from nearby kindergarten were happy to have met many French bulldogs in the event. More families and their pets came to take photos with the installation and enjoyed a great afternoon altogether.

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