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Three years after inauguration, Mayor Lin: The era of the rise of Taichung

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2018-01-02
Three years after inauguration, Mayor Lin: The era of the rise of Taichung
Three years after inauguration, Mayor Lin: The era of the rise of Taichung

Mayor Lin Chia-long of Taichung City is going to be inaugurated for three years. In the 21st, he delivered a speech with the theme, “The rise of Taichung, and connect with like minded people,” in which he talked about the four major changes in Taichung and the two visions of the future. After the merging for three years, people are assured of his administrative performance. “Taichung has changed. We have seen progresses,” Mayor Lin emphasized. The administrative performance of Taichung City Government proves that Taichung is on the right track of development. Taichung has risen. Forging a better Taichung is no longer a dream. In the future, Taichung City will continue to work ceaselessly to make people feel the gradual progress of Taichung.

The Information Bureau of Taichung City Government hold a tea party at the ex-Yang Ming Civic Building at Fengyuan. Mayor Lin presented the accomplishments of his governing in the past three years. In the party, a film on the third anniversary of his inauguration for three years was released. In a humorous manner, the accomplishments in the establishment of national sports center, improvement of air pollution, traffic condition, economic development, river regulation, the revival of the central district, social welfare and others were presented. Attendants included Lin Ling-san, Deputy Mayor of Taichung, and other leaders of various departments. It was a lively and merry gathering.

Mayor Lin expressed that over the past three years, there were “four major changes” in Taichung. First, they have endeavored to make residents feel that the Taichung City now is a “different city government,” and a government that can solve problems. For a long time, the speed of Taichung’s development has been dissatisfactory, with high crime rate, retard in the building of MRT, and slow in internationalization. But in the past three years, Taichung has emerged from a city with high crime rate, ranking very low among other cities and counties, into a role model of city with low crime rate. And the MRT blue line has been included in the Forward Looking Infrastructure Plan. Taichung International Airport, which has been fought for years, has finally been launched into operation in early 2017. It has promoted Taichung’s international status significantly.

Second, it has restored the landscapes of rivers and banks a big city should have. The regulation of Liu Chuan, whose regulation was completed at the end of last year, surprised all sectors. Now, it has become a new scenic spot of Taichung, frequented by visitors. At present, the regulation of Lu Chuan is on its way, estimated to be completed and uncovered after the Lunar New Year next year. The Sun Moon Pond in Taichung Park completed dredging, which was the first time over the past century, earlier this year. The Great Pond of Taiwan Sugar in the East District has been transformed into a lakeside ecological park, adding a new lakeside landscape to the city. As to Fengyuan, the mountain city, the whole new “karat diamond” park will be launched in the Taichung World Floral Expo next year, after the regulation of Beizi River. It will sure to amaze people. The uncovering of Huludun River Side Park at Fengyuan will be held in the next year. Its construction works have commended officially in July this year. The river banks that have been covered for 30 years will be exposed under the sunlight again.

The third change in the “Enhancing the power of economic development.” As a part of the “Five Plus Two Industry Innovative Policy” promoted by the central government, there are solid foundations in “smart machinery” and “national defense aerospace” industries in Taichung. Earlier this year, the “Smart Machinery Office” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has begun to operate in Taichung, bridging Taiwan and the world. The first “Smart Manufacturing Trial Operation Site” in Taiwan was officially put into operation in September this year. It is an important milestone for Taichung to transform into a smart city. The economic development in Taichung is a bloom, unfathomable. For example, TSMC has invested NTD 700 billion in expanding its plant, and will bring 3,500 supervisors and engineers into Taichung. Taichung City government will continue to “build more nests to attract more phoenixes,” attracting more manufacturers to invest in Taichung. Enhancing its economic power, we will promote innovation and transformation in industry. Starting from Taichung, we will flip over Taiwan’s economy.

The fourth change is to combat against air pollution, achieving preliminary results. Mayor Lin said that the Taichung City Government team is active in improving air pollution with the following acts: the stipulation of the control raw coal autonomous regulations, encourage to change oil-fired boiler into gas-fired boiler, dispose old two-cycle motorcycles, subsidize the purchase of electricity buses, enlarge the cover of iBike, and more, totaled 86 control measures. In the future, it will continue to collaborate with the central government to monitor Taichung Power Plant to achieve the goal of “cutting 40% in 4 years.”

As to the “two major outlooks” of the future, Mayor Lin said that first, it is necessary to regain the glory of city for Taichung. Taichung City Government has been promoting the renewal of the old city. With the thinking of preserving old architectures, and building new ones, it has shot “three arrows” – the great rail station project, the regulation of Liu Chuan, and literary and art revival, it aims to revive the old city zones. In addition, with the implementation of the Star Plan and Young Farmers Plan, it empowers young people with the power of starting up to pursue their dreams. In addition, the public housing in Ankang Section, Fengyuan is going to be completed. In the future, it will provide the community functions of nursery and elders day care. Likewise, the public housing of 10 thousand households in 8 years will become the successful role model for Taiwan’s “communal housing.” It is hoped that with these policies, it will promote people’s happiness, and make Taichung residents proud of the city, regaining Taichung’s glory.

The second outlook is to grasp the opportunity of “marketing Taichung internationally.” Starting from the next year, 2018 Taichung World Floral Exposition, 2019 East Asian Youth Games, 2019 World Combat Games, 2020 World Orchid Exhibition and Conference, and other major international events will be held in Taichung consecutively, attracting the attention of the world and importing international resources. In addition to holding a series of activities, the construction of hardware is also very important. In the future, the most important construction project in Taichung will be Shuinan Smart City, which will integrate smart manufacturing and cultural features to create a smart, low carbon, and innovative site of everyday life, becoming a model smart city in Taiwan and even the world.

Mayor Lin expressed that when he inaugurated three years ago, he had already proposed the 2025 Good Life in Taichung Flagship Plan. He is now achieving it step by step. At that time, the project covered a 10-year period. At present Taichung City is in the stage of speeding up the project. He will endeavor to accomplish it. Taichung City Government will not only empower the industry to be competitive internationally but also invite people to see Taichung history and culture. At the same time, he will also accelerate the construction of the twin ports – Taichung Port and Taichung International Airport to consolidate the goals of “exporting goods from the twin ports, and importing visitors with the twin ports.”

Mayor Lin stressed that Taichung is a livable city agreed by all. Taichung City Government also engages in cultivating new talents, reforming vocational and technological education, and promoting industry-academia cooperation to improve the problems of employment and startup. With the all-in-on policy of nursery and elderly care, youth hope construction project to create a good city life so that residents in Taichung City will not only live for work but also live for enjoyment in is livable city.

The rise of Taichung is the results accomplished by every resident and Taichung City Government team together. Taichung will work towards the goal of “humane, sustaining, and energetic” “capital of life.” He also expects all the residents to welcome the great era of the “Rise of Taichung” to make it the core of connecting the old and new, local and international, past and future. We should work together to make Taiwan better with the rise of Taichung.

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