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Taichung Cycling Festival – Mayor Lin: Creating a cycling-friendly environment to encourage the cycling movement

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2017-09-12
Taichung Cycling Festival – Mayor Lin: Creating a cycling-friendly environment to encourage the cycling movement
Taichung Cycling Festival – Mayor Lin: Creating a cycling-friendly environment to encourage the cycling movement

One of the 5 major national theme events of MOTC’s “2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival” – “OK Taiwan – Taichung Cycling Festival” - will soon kick off with 3 exciting main events: “Giant Cup” (September 23-24), Taichung Cycling Tour (October 1) and Wheels Ride Festival Taiwan (November 26). According to Mayor Lin, cycling has become the brand of Taichung City, and the government will continue building cycling-friendly environments to foster the cycling movement.
Tourism Office of Taichung City Government hosted the “2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival – OK Taichung Cycling Festival Launch Press Conference” at the New Taichung City Park on the 5th. The unveiling ceremony was conducted by Mayor Lin, Tourism Office Director Shen-shan Chen, Economic Development Bureau Director Yao-chih Lu, Sports Bureau Director-general Ching-tang Wang, City Councilor Shih-chou Liu and representatives from the office of Legislator Wan-chien Chang Liao and city councilor Mei-chun Weng, as well as the GM of Giant Chiu-chu Cheng.

Mayor Lin indicated that cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the festival features exciting events including Giant Cup, Taichung Cycling Tour and Wheels Ride Festival Taiwan, encompassing activities such as self-challenges and family cycling recreation. Moreover, the century-old Tour de France will be hosting the L’Etape du tour” in Taiwan for the first time on September 17, making cycling an integral element of Taichung City’s brand. The city government strives to expand city diplomacy and forge sister city ties by continuing to create cycling-friendly environments and fostering the cycling movement.

According to him, Taichung is the primary industry cluster of cycling; aside from the headquarters of Giant, the city also features popular tourist recreational bikeways in Houfeng, Dongfeng and Tanyashen. The city government is promoting the “Cycling 369” program to establish 300 iBike rental stations, 600km of bikeway and 9,000 iBikes. Furthermore, the “OK Taiwan – Departing from Taichung” round-the-island cycling tour will be launched to promote cycling activities and industry to domestic and overseas markets.

Mayor Lin mentioned that Taichung will be hosting the East Asian Games in 2019, and the city government is striving to incorporate cycling into the competition and transform Taichung into a cycling talent incubator.

Tourism Office Director Shen-shan Chen suggested that the city government is combining tourism with the bicycle industry and international marketing to design a series of international exchange activities, including the “2018 Taichung World Flora Expo” promotional campaign and cycling promotion conducted in Oita Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan during early September. Towards the end of the same month, 100 tourists from Hong Kong and Macau will come to Taiwan to experience recreation and take on the double-route cycling challenge in Houfeng and Wuling. In late October, delegates from international friendly cities in Japan will be invited to embark on a round-Taiwan cycling trip, starting from Taichung. Through a series of cycling exchange activities, the purpose is to market Taichung’s bicycle industry and cycling itineraries internationally, thereby attracting overseas cyclists to visit Taichung.

Tourism Office commented that the “2017 Taichung Cycling Tour – Bicycle Industry Picnic and Festival” will kick off on October 1 at Taichung Civic Square. More than 50 stalls selling bicycles, recreational products, preowned bicycles and maintenance area will be available along with the museum documenting the arduous startup process of the outstanding bicycle industry in Taichung. In addition, the Tourism Office also invites the public to join the “Bicycle Picnic”, “Push Bike Creative Contest” and “20m Slow Ride Contest”. With abundant prize money and prizes up for grabs, many people signed up for the activities.

GM of Giant Chiu-chu Cheng pointed out that “Giant Cup” will be held at the Shui Jue Tou Park in Central Taiwan Science Park on September 23 and 24. The event takes advantage of venues within Central Taiwan Science Park and surrounding roads to organize 6 major activities that incorporate challenges, races, women, children and family. Registration for the events has been completed thanks to enthusiastic response from the public.

Wheels Ride Festival Taiwan will take place at the Taichung City Hall Square on November 26. The Glory Taichung 100km route takes contestants through numerous popular destinations. Besides recreational cycling, there are also self-challenge competitions that are expected to attract a total of 5,000 participants. For more event and registration related information, please refer to http://www.twleya.com.tw/2017bike/index.html or Taichung Travel Net https://travel.taichung.gov.tw/.

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