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Taichung Becomes Second Largest City in Taiwan, City Government to Host Thousand-Guest Feast to Show the Joy of a Livable City

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2017-09-01
Taichung Becomes Second Largest City in Taiwan, City Government to Host Thousand-Guest Feast to Show the Joy of a Livable City
Taichung Becomes Second Largest City in Taiwan, City Government to Host Thousand-Guest Feast to Show the Joy of a Livable City

In July of this year, Taichung formally became the second most populous city in Taiwan. In order to celebrate, the Taichung government will hold a 100-table feast on October 7 at Fengyuan Stadium. The fare will contain local specialties and elements of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo. The event will also feature a concert, creating a celebratory atmosphere. The Information Bureau, who organized the event, stated that the “Thousand-Guest Feast” will have 90 tables open for reservations by the public, starting from 9:00 on September 11. 10 Tables will be donated to groups in need, and the concert will be free. Everyone is welcome to come out and witness this joyous and glorious moment for Taichung.

The Taichung Information Bureau held the “Second Largest City Celebratory Event Press Conference” on the 28th. Famed chef Cheng Yen-chi led a team of chefs in introducing the design concept for the menu and displaying 6 of the dishes. Mayor Lin, along with Information Bureau chief Zhuo Guanting, Bureau of Labor Chief Huang Heting, Civil Affairs Bureau Chief Zhou Yonghong, Vice-Chief of the Social Affairs Bureau Chen Kunhuang, City Council Member He Mincheng, Legislator Hong Ciyong, representatives for City Council Members Zhang Yamin, Weng Meichun, and Zheng Gongjin, and celebrities Stephen Hsu, and Lin Chiao-an were all in attendance. Those in attendance sang a famous song from Taichung by songwriter Lu Quansheng entitled As if we opened the windows to our hearts, creating a lively atmosphere.

Mayor Lin introduced the event and invited the public to come out to participate. Additionally, the city government will give 10 tables worth of tickets to groups in need. He stated “those who understand living will love Taichung!” CNN commended Taichung on their website as the most livable city in Taiwan, and the joys of living in Taichung are truly worth experiencing, be it walking along the roads and alleyways, or travelling to Taichung’s major districts, you can enjoy a rich cultural experience. In Taichung, culinary culture flourishes, and Taichung’s cuisine is sure to bring joy to your taste buds. There is limitless room for creativity in Taichung.

Mayor Lin stated that, in order to celebrate Taichung becoming he second largest city in Taiwan, the city government will hold an arts and concert event in the form of a feast to celebrate and share the joy of Taichung’s livability. The population of Taichung has already reached 2.78 million, and continues to rise. In addition to continuing to make Taichung into the most livable city possible, the city government is using this celebration to promote next year’s World Flora Expo, which will be held in Taichung. To this end, the famed chef Cheng Yen-chi has been invited to create dishes of Taichung cuisine using taro from Dajia, mushrooms from Xinshe, pears from Shancheng, and fruits from Houli.

The celebration will also feature a concert, to which talented performers have been invited, and is worth waiting for. Everyone is invited, but due to limited space, those who are interested should register now. Those who have not yet purchased dishes for the celebration are also welcome to come and enjoy the performances.

Famed chef Cheng Yen-chi stated that food for the event will come entirely from Taichung, allowing everyone to eat seasonal, local food, which, accompanied with the many years of professional experience the chefs possess, will create the greatest of flavors. Additionally, the feast will feature flowers, which, thanks to farmers raising the flowers in a chemical-free environment, allows guests to not only enjoy the sight of the colorful flowers, but also eat knowing that the food is safe.

Well known celebrity Stephen Hsu mentioned that he feels quite at home whenever he comes to Taichung, and that it is a city worth exploring. The city provides free busses under 10km and 300 iBike stations, making travel in the city even more convenient. As a Taichung local, celebrity Lin Chiao-an stated that one could feel the complete care policies at work, providing children with comprehensive care, and taking good care of seniors. Taichung is a happy, livable city.

The Information Bureau stated that this year also marks the centennial anniversary of the Taichung Train Station and the Second Market, and coincides with the Matzu celebrations which started the day before. Not long afterwards, Taichung formally became the second largest city in Taiwan. On October 7, Taichung will hold the “Taichung Centennial and Celebration of Becoming the Second Largest City in Taiwan” in the form of a feast and concert. Feasts are the most traditional form of celebration in Taiwan. In order to create a more celebratory atmosphere, an artist with deep roots in Taichung has been invited to sing songs new and old, and, through valuable pictures of Taichung’s history, take the guests on a journey through Taichung’s 100 years of prosperity and innovation.

Chef Cheng Yen-chi was specially invited to this event to combine food and flowers under the theme of “Discover Taichung.” He designed 10 sumptuous dishes such as the “Floral Appetizer Collection,” “Lotus Mushroom Duck,” “Floral Fish Fillet with Tofu,” and the “King’s Flower Chicken Stew.” These dishes use the concept of “Eat Local and Seasonal,” combined with imagery of the 2018 Taichung Flower Expo to create unique Taichung flavors.

In addition to a five-star feast, the evening of the event will feature a concert starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Fengyuan Stadium, to which celebrities with roots in Taichung including Nine One One, Li Qianna, Lulu, Shen Wencheng, Jiang Huiyi, Xiaozhong, Lin Qiaoan, and An Yiwei were invited to perform. The playing of songs by Taichung artists who have already passed away will also take place, with songs by Zhangqiu Dongsong and Lu Quansheng showing the diverse cultures of Taichung.

The Information Bureau mentioned that the “Thousand-Guest Feast” will feature 100 tables, the price of which will be NT 3,999 per table. 10 of the tables were gifted to groups that help people in need and struggling families. The remaining 90 tables will be open for reservations between 9:00 a.m. on September 11 and 5:00 p.m. on September 13. At the end, 90 lucky guests will be selected at random from by a computer. The event page will become available at the aforementioned time on September 11.

The day of the event happens to be part of a national holiday, and shuttle services will be provided to guests of the celebration by public transport. In order to allow people from all over Taiwan to watch the splendid performances of that evening, the Chaoji Hongrenbang (Superstar Charts) fan page will livestream the concert starting at 6 p.m. and lasting the length of the event. For more information and registration, please visit http://www.taichung.gov.tw, or call us at (02) 8792-7343.

At the end of July, Taichung’s population reached 2,778,182, and a public poll showed that Taichung was considered the most livable of six major cities in Taiwan, and residents felt most proud of their city. Even CNN recognized Taichung as the most livable city in Taiwan, and the city has been listed as one of the World’s Most Livable Cities. For the first time this year, Euromonitor International listed Taichung as one of the top 100 cities to visit. The end of July also marked Taichung’s ascension to the second largest city in Taiwan, thoroughly serving as a testament to the success of Taichung’s social welfare policies, transportation infrastructure, and employment environment.

Taichung’s population growth is closely linked to its abundant infrastructure and “if we build it, they will come” policies. For example, Taichung’s Raising a Dragon child care and senior care policies, the Youth Hope Program, free bus travel within 10km, and many other popular public policies have all contributed to the increase in population. At the same time, Taichung has created good salary and employment opportunities. Through the Youth Hope Program, young people all find good jobs after completing their education, lowering Taichung’s unemployment rate, and raising wages. Taichung also supports entrepreneurship and businesses which aids in economic growth, creating a high salary work environment. Combined with the senior and child care policies, young people can afford to raise children and take good care of their parents, making a move to Taichung all the more natural.

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