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Art & Cultural Performance on the Departure Day of Mazu Enjoy the Century Glamour of 12 Temples in Taichung

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2017-02-16
Art & Cultural Performance on the Departure Day of Mazu  Enjoy the Century Glamour of 12 Temples in Taichung
Art & Cultural Performance on the Departure Day of Mazu Enjoy the Century Glamour of 12 Temples in Taichung

The series event of “2017 Taichung Mazu International Festival: Century Temple Glamour” will be held between January 31st and May 20th. In coordination with the departure of Mazu, related events will be held in 12 century-old temples throughout Taichung City. The Cultural Affairs Bureau stated that the event this year emphasizes rejuvenation and versatility. Besides traditional arts, 36 outstanding groups, with more than half of them being local groups from Taichung, including the popular band “The Last Day of Summer 831” and child drummer Lu Yue-jun will also perform. We welcome citizens to visit these events.

The promotion press conference held on February 8th was attended by Deputy Mayor Chang Kuang-yao, Director Wang Chih-cheng of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and representatives from the 12 century-old temples. Together, they invited citizens to pay visit and enjoy the art and cultural performance and further understand the religious belief of Mazu. Deputy Mayor Chang stated that although Mazu is the most popular religious belief in central Taiwan, the younger generation has less of an understanding of it. Taichung City Government expects to use this event as a mean to attract young people to appreciate Mazu, allow the younger generation to understand the culture of Mazu, and promote social harmony and social stability with the power of religion.

Director Wang stated that the most popular religious belief in northern Taiwan is Chenghuang Ye, southern Taiwan is Wang Ye and central Taiwan is Mazu. Central Taiwan has the pious religious belief of Mazu and the temples by the sea, mountainous and the urban areas each has different features that are worth appreciating. Besides the series event of Century Temple Glamour of Taichung Mazu International Festival, there are also other events such as drawing Mazu, international seminar, book publishing, parade formation performance and others. He hoped that everybody can visit Taichung to understand the religious features of Mazu. The series event of Century Temple Glamour still insists on inviting many performing groups, which more than half of them are local groups from Taichung, and expect these performances are conducive to the skill improvement of performing groups from Taichung.

This year is the 19th Taichung Mazu International Festival and more than a million people have visited each previous event. This year, the Century Temple Glamour will be held between January 31st and May 20th. It will invite 36 performing groups including registered groups from Taichung City, well-known domestic bands, street performers, and other school, community, and association groups to bring about 12 combined performances at the 12 century-old temples.

The first stop of the performance was held at Jiuzhuangma, a temple without statues of god, on January 31st and attracted many citizens to pay visit to it. There will be four lively gathered performances at Leh Cherng Temple on February 10th and at Dajia Jenn Lann Temple, Wanhe Temple and Hao Tien Temple on February 11th. “The Last Day of Summer 831” will perform at Dajia Jenn Lann Temple and child drummer Lu Yue-jun will perform at Hao Tien Temple. Xiaojinzhi Chinese Opera Band and Wuchouyuan Puppetry Band will also showcase their skills.

In addition to that, gathered performances will also be arranged sequentially at Wuci Chaoyuan Temple, Wanchun Temple, Zhujai Temple, Shekou Wanxing Temple, Daliy Fusing Temple, Nan Xing Temple, and Dadu Wanxing Temple on April and May. The Cultural Affairs Bureau announced that Cho-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Group, which was awarded the Taichung Performing Arts Golden Award, will perform at Dadu Wanxing Temple and Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group will perform at Daliy Fusing Temple and Wuci Chaoyuan Temple. Other groups such as Sheng Wu Jong Puppetry Group, Zhiji Duet, Jinyuyuan Puppetry Group, I Gi Dance Group, and others will also participate in the gathered performances of the century-old temples.

Besides marvelous performances, the series event of this year’s Century Temple Glamour will also have raffle events with a 43-inch LCD TV as the grand prize. Raffle tickets will be handed out at the service counter 30 minutes before each raffle event. We sincerely invite citizens to come and enjoy the performances while winning prizes (no raffle event will be available at Dajia Jenn Lann Temple). For further information, please refer to the official website of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw/).

web site: http://www.culture.taichung.gov.tw/。

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