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The Magnificence of the Second Market Reappears after Refurbishment Beginning of the Hundred-Year Anniversary Celebration

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2017-02-16
The Magnificence of the Second Market Reappears after Refurbishment Beginning of the Hundred-Year Anniversary Celebration
The Magnificence of the Second Market Reappears after Refurbishment Beginning of the Hundred-Year Anniversary Celebration

To allow the reappearance of the century magnificence of the Second Market, the Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government has successively completed the refurbishment and reformation of the market hardware and is scheduled to hold a series of hundred-year anniversary celebration events such as local itinerary, antique searching market, DIY activities and so on in order to present the hundred-year footsteps of old Taichung. Mayor Lin Chia-lung stated that Second Market is a market filled with gourmet and traditional flavors. The city government has preserved the atmosphere of the market through refurbishment while connecting it with surrounding historical sites and attractions. Such measures not only made the Second Market a new attraction, but also increased the business of the market by 50%, thus spurring local business opportunities.

A press conference on the beginning of the hundred-year anniversary celebration was held at the Liujiao Building Square of the Second Market on February 4th by the Economic Development Bureau. Three-generation Fuzhou Noodles, Maochuan Rice Meat Dumpling, Guocheng Food, Yanji Meat Bun, Like Tea Juice Station, Micang Sweet Potato, Three-in-One Coffee, One Coffee and other gourmet vendors were introduced. Precious photos of old downtown Taichung City taken by well-known photographer Mr. Lin Chuan-chu were also displayed after obtaining the authorization of “Lin’s Photo Shop”, one that has been opened since the Japanese Colonial Era. Photos displayed included Taichung Train Station, Liuchuan Canal, Second Market and others to allow citizens to ponder on the historical trails of old downtown Taichung.

Crowds of people visited the Second Market early that morning. People hurried to and fro the lively market and many enjoyed gourmets at the market. There were even tourists from Hong Kong who came to enjoy the gourmets at the Second Market after knowing its reputation. Mayor Lin, Legislator Huang Kuo-shu, Councilman Chiang Chao-kuo, Director Lu Yao-chih of Economic Development Bureau, Director Tsai Chih-yin of Civil Affairs Bureau, and others also took part in the press conference to announce the formal initiation of the hundred-year anniversary celebration.

Mayor Lin stated that this year is the hundred-year anniversary of both the completion of Taichung Train Station and the Second Market. Therefore, a series of celebration events will be held successively by the city government to retrospect this precious hundred-year history. The Second Market is one filled with gourmets and traditional flavors and has endured a period of decline in which there were not many visitors. However, after the aggressive refurbishment conducted by the city government, its old appearance has been preserved and reappears with brand new energy. By connecting the Second Market with its surrounding historical sites, it will become a new attraction that will attract more people to purchase at the Second Market and bring about local business opportunities.

“Make market and gourmet the common language of Taichung!” Mayor Lin mentioned that the city government is aggressively refurbishing the five markets around the train station. As for the First Market, now being reformed into ASEAN Square, it has integrated itself with the culture of new immigrants so that there is a place for them at Taichung. Besides refurbishing and reforming the Second Market, which is the oldest of them all, it has collaborated with the neighboring Liuchuan Canal in developing tourism and has increased local business by 50%. As for the Third Market, a culture and creativity market has been established in coordination with the neighboring cultural and creative park and has developed its own features. The city government has preliminary plans for the Forth Market, in which it will be transformed into a creative market with the introduction of theme pavilions such as comic and illustration. The Fifth Market will be developed in coordination with Taichung Literature Museum to attract more crowds.

Director Lu Yao-chih of the Economic Development Bureau stated that the Second Market was known as the “Shin Tomimachi Market” during the Japanese Colonial Era. Liujiao Building is the center of the building, in which six hallways were built outwards. With the assistance of many culture committee members and professors, this refurbishment construction expects to restore the market back to its aesthetics of Shin Tomimachi Market. Therefore, unnecessary parts of the building that were built successively after Taiwan Restoration were torn down, the pavement of the six hallways were refurbished, and newly added waste pipes were bypassed in order to take elements such as culture scenery, urban sewage development, market refurbishment and others into consideration.

The city government also refurbished gourmet vendors at the Sanmin Road entrance, including Wangji Turnip Cake, Grandma’s Memory Noodle Shop, Zhou’s Meat Pie, Like Tea Juice Station, and others. Their signs, menus, and the ceiling were redesigned to give the market a new look and present different market culture.

The Economic Development Bureau stated that a series of hundred-year anniversary celebration events will be released successively starting from today, including local itinerary, antique searching market, DIY activities, and others. It hopes that such events can attract citizens to pay visits to old downtown Taichung and bring about its surrounding business opportunities.

Four courses were organized for the local itineraries. The first one is called “Light up Classic” which visits Taichung Train Station, Hanqiang Herb Shop, Ruiyi Oil Shop, Baoxing Rice Shop, Sanmin Straw Mattress Shop, Chen’s Sculpture Studio and the Second Market. The second course is called “Search for Art and Creativity” which visits the Second Market, Cheen-Zi Handcraft Studio, Taiwan Sunny Cake Museum, Yawenzhai Stamp Shop, Rongyu Cloth Shop and Town between Two Rivers. The third course is called “Cultural and Historical Sites” which visits Taichung Train Station, City God Temple, Taichung Literature Museum, Taichung Shiyakusho, Taichung City Office Building and the Second Market. The forth course is called “Legacy of Temples” which visits the Second Market, Takenori Temple, Wanchun Temple, Nantian Temple, Leh Cherng Temple and Taichung Train Station.

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