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With the Spring Festival around the corner, the Finance Bureau reminds the public to watch out for illegal and disqualified alcohol

  • Issued by   Finance Bureau
  • Date:2017-02-10

The upcoming Spring Festival prompts a significant demand for cigarettes and alcohol. The Finance Bureau of Taichung City Government appeals to the public not to buy unauthentic, unclearly labeled and low-price illegal and disqualified alcohol and to remember to ask for receipts or invoices after paying to ensure a healthy condition for the Chinese New Year.
The Finance Bureau of Taichung City Government and Nantou County Government jointly seized finished and semi-finished illegal rice wine totaling 3,091 liters worth about NTD 130,000 in a residential house in Daya District, Taichung on January 23. The Finance Bureau pointed out that the upcoming Spring Festival prompts significant demand for rice wine for New Year dish cooking and extra nourishment in the winter. Illegal brewers took the opportunity to make illegal rice wine for profits. Due to poor production equipment and manufacturing skills and tools, unclear ingredients, uncertified alcohol, lack of hygiene compliance of manufacturing processes and places, drinking illegal alcohol might hurt the health.
On the other hand, before and after the Spring Festival, many people choose to buy alcohol for self-use or as a gift. Illegal sellers might pass off fake products as genuine, using recycled bottles to fill fake alcohol and to sell the illegal and disqualified alcohol to the public for profits. People should pay attention to details when buying the alcohol. Do not buy unauthentic or obviously low-price alcohol. The Finance Bureau of Taichung City Government will conduct non-periodic inspection on sellers to safeguard consumers’ health and market order.

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