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Taichung Lishan Kukuan New Year’s Eve Party / Greetings to 2017 with Yen-j, The Chairman and Everyone

  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2017-01-09

The Taichung City Government is commencing its New Year’s Eve Party not only simultaneously in the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and Lihpao Land second parking lot this year, but also jointly with The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration to hold the “Welcoming 2017 Rock Kukuan and Shine Lishan New Year’s Eve Party”. Kukuan has invited music artist Yen-j and Taiwan rock band “The Chairman” for the countdown. As for Lishan, the Atayal aboriginal youth band and jazz singers from the Philippines join to experience the highest New Year’s Eve Party in Taiwan with a whirlwind of chorus on the Lishan grand music stage 2000m above sea level.

The City Government Tourism Office hosted the “2017 Kukuan Lishan New Year’s Eve” press conference today (21st). Deputy mayor Lin Ling-San, accompanied by Taichung Tourism Office Secretary Chen Sheng-shan, alongside city councilor Liu Shi-zhou, Liu Shu-lan, MOTC
Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration Deputy Director Liao Shi-piao and Dajia River Power Plant Deputy Director Lin Jui-pin attended the ceremony. Cast of the event “The Chairman” rock band also arrived for promotion, livening up the atmosphere.

Deputy Mayor Lin stateed that New Year’s Eve activities are plentiful this year in Kukuan and Lishan. Besides Atayal band performances, well-known singers and bands in the country will bring forth remarkable shows. The night will be awesome. In addition, everyone is invited to welcome the first ray of dawn on Foushou Mountain and to attend the “highest flag-raising ceremony of Taiwan” in the Lishan guesthouse front square. He wishes all the events a complete success.

Regarding transportation, Deputy Mayor Lin mentioned that citizens may take Provincial Highway No. 8 or ride the 153 bus to Kukuan, or arrive in Foushou Mountain from Cingjing Farm or Yilan. He also expressed great recognition to the vigorous efforts of the Tourism Office on promoting local characteristics of Hoping, Lishan and Kukuan area over the past year. By means of local hot springs, several cities in Japan have become sister cities with Taichung.

The Chairman band says that they have been to hot springs in Kukuan and planted fruits in Lishan, but this is the first time to perform in Kukuan, which will be an interesting experience. They look forward to spending New Year's Eve with everyone, and thanked the city government for assistance and affirm its effort in pushing for culture development. Thus, they will fully support any such related activities in the future.

The Tourism Office explains that two events are held this year, at Kukuan and Lishan respectively. Kukuan event will be inviting the prince of love songs “Yen-j”, charismatic live concert band “The Chairman”, Blue Ocean music festival Rock DAAN competition champion-Lolieba, and local Atayal performance-Warner rock band, Badous Dance group, etc. At the Kukuan visitor’s center, one can also find local farm product, souvenirs, and food court. The event also collaborates with “Taichung Resort” fan club to give out 120 free hot spring tickets.

Lishan event will kick off with Atayal musical brought by Lishan Junior and Elementary School, with exuberant chansons from Atayal Aboriginal Youth Band, and music by jazz singers from the Philippines. There is a lucky draw scheduled, the owl bull wheel, bonus fortune telling and other interactive games. Along with aboriginal delicacies, the great roasted pig and artificial snow scenes, Lishan plans to create the most magnificent New Year’s Eve image conceivable.

Moreover, the event specifically commissioned a “Taiwan Black Bear” dressed in Atayal characteristic apparel, and ornaments in the image of Lishan endemic owl species for tourists to photograph and check in. Over 10 different limited edition souvenirs are designed and 1000 neon LED light sticks will be given out.

On New Year’s Day, Foushoushan Farm will hold the highest dawn welcoming activity in Taiwan at Tenchi. To encourage tourists participating in the below 4℃ weather, attendees will receive a certificate of confirmation and limited exquisite souvenir. Beginning from Christmas, the Tourism Office released a series of Lishan carnival activities. The 24th with “Christmas Caroling” tourism music festival by singers in front of the Lishan guest house; Guests with accommodations on the 25th can sign up for the “Lishan Dreams come true” photographic activity on the 26th to film the lights of Lishan Township.

The Tourism Office also reiterated that the hotels and hostels of Kukuan and Lishan are partnering in the New Year’s Eve events this year. Collaborative lottery activities are being held from December 24th to 31st. Tourists, whose expenditures reach 500NT in partnering stores, will be presented with a lottery ticket. There are accommodation vouchers, hot spring coupons, 3C products (computer, communication, consumer electronics) and other great prizes. Everyone is warmly invited to participate.

Contact Person: Mr. Ni/Taichung City Government Tourism Office

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