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One of the Three Tenors, Jose Carreras’ Farewell Concert Tour, only in Taichung Taiwan

  • Issued by   Information Bureau
  • Date:2017-01-09

One of the world’s three tenors, Carreras has sung for 60 years to date. He decided to retire this year, and turn off his microphone after the worldwide concert tour. On 1st of July 2017, he will devote his only performance for Taiwan to Taichung. He also greeted Taiwanese fans via his recorded video. Many fans feel exciting and reluctant after learning of this news. The Taichung mayor, Chia Lung Lin indicated that friends in the cultural field say that people who live in Taichung were blessed when they learned of this news. As a livable city, the quality and quantity of arts and culture in Taichung are getting better and better. Taichung will play a good role as a landlord and make this concert successfully.

The mayor of Taichung Chia Lung Lin, the director of Taichung Information Bureau Kuan Ting Cho, the president of Sanlih Group Greenland Book Store Shang Fei Wu, the general manager of Want Want China Times Media Groups and Media Sphere Communication, Ltd Yi Piao Lin, the president of Taichung Bank Jun Cheng Li, the associate director of Millennium Hotels and Resorts Tsu Yu Kuo and the head of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Hsuan Yung Liu all came to join the press conference.

This event will be hosted by Media Sphere Communication, Ltd and Greenland Book Store, and sponsored by Taichung Bank. It will be grand debut at an athletic field in Taichung campus of National Taiwan Sports University. Meanwhile, it will be combined with public welfare to donate 100 tickets to invite patients of HOPE Foundation for Cancer Care under the support of Taichung City Government, so this makes the successful anti-cancer Carreras become the spirit indicator of cancer patients, and he also hopes these patients could be full of energy during the toilsome treatments.

When Mayor Lin joined the press conference on 9th of this month, he indicated that Carreras’ Farewell Concert Tour will perform in Taiwan, and that the only performance will be held in Taichung. As a livable city in Taiwan, Taichung presents its improvement by the quality and quantity of arts and culture. This concert makes his friends in cultural fields envy Taichung inhabitants for being so blessed. Carreras is the hero of the music palace, as he used to suffer from the blood cancer, but he still performs, which encourages many people. This farewell concert tour combines public welfare by inviting cancer patients and underprivileged minorities.

Spanish vocalist Carreras started performing at 8 years of age, and to date more than 60 years have passed. He was diagnosed with blood cancer in 1987, struggled with many painful treatments, and went to America to receive marrow transformation operations. When his health condition was poor, he could not work and suffered huge pressures. Therefore, when he conquered his cancer, he decided to use his singing talent to raise funds for blood cancer patients, and he hoped the fund could decrease the financial burden of long-term treatments and transportation of these patients.

With the passing away of Pavarotti and the fading out of Domingo, the other members of the three tenors of the world, Carreras also announced that he will bid farewell to the spotlight, which makes each of his performance become a commendable classical legend. He, who decided to retire, specially recorded a video for fans in Taiwan and indicated that he is very happy and expects to get back Taiwan to meet fans here. Meanwhile, he hopes fans can join his last chance to sing here.

On 7th of January 2017, Carreras will cooperate with a famous conductor David Gimenez and National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Soprano Li Ji Huang to perform many classical songs such as “In May”, “I love you”, and “My far away hometown” etc. This will be the only and the last opportunity to hear the live affecting voice of Carreras in Taiwan. Please visit the official website:
http://www.mediasphere.com.tw/show/show/JoseCarreras2017. Please contact ERA Ticket system to purchase tickets, or visit Facebook to search MSCPerformance at https://www.facebook.com/MSCPerformanceTW/.

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