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  • Issued by   Taichung City Government
  • Date:2016-07-22

  1. Propose overall urban planning for Great Taichung Area to correspond with the need of population, land and industrial development after promotion.

  2. Initiate “Taichung 123” foundation works: Taichung Rail Line (circulation of Taiwan Railway Mountain and Coast Lines), two international harbors (marine, air and land transportation alliance for CCK Air Base and Taichung Harbor), three major subcenters (Fongyuan Mountain City, Dual Coastal Harbor, Wuri HSR).

  3. Solve public complaints, enhance administrative efficiency, consolidate the functions of district heads and district offices, establish one-stop service window, finish marginalized crisis.

  4. Promote reorganization of central region, old downtown reconstruction and development.

  5. Construct Great Taichung MRT, strive to restore MRT blue line and extend the green line to Datun District. Complete the circulation of bus network, expand the routes and subsidy for buses to remote areas; solve the problem of traffic jam and bumpy roads; extensively increase the bicycle stations.

  6. Crackdown on crimes, improve the satisfaction to public security. Work with central government to increase police force, equipment, increase the police visibility rate, simplify the police affairs and provide extra pay for duties. 

  7. Establish complete preschool children care system, raise the subsidy for child care up to 3 years old; extensively organize public-funded private kindergartens. 

  8. Dental prosthesis subsidy for elderly aged over 65; integrate community care locations and day care resources, promote localized long-term care and home services, release public space for elderly clubs.

  9. Build “volunteer bank”, “food bank” and “youth entrepreneur bank”.

  10. Mass constructing of social housing for the residential needs of youths and labors.

  11. Raise “Great Taichung Agricultural Development Fund” to settle imbalance of productions and sales, encourage youths devoting to agricultural industry. 

  12. Add cultural education budget, vitalize cultural assets, cultivate art creation and devote to local culture internationalization.

  13. Balance resources to promote equal quality as cooperative with 12-year compulsory education; build the safe campus free from gangsters, drugs and bully; increase the subsidy for community colleges and life study.

  14. Construct water and green LOHO space, turn Fa-Tzu Creek into ecological greeting river, dredge urban rivers, increase green park; increase the sewage pipelines; solve the flooding problems and air pollution, fully support the Taichung Flora Expo.

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