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Mayor Inspected Green Landscaping Works of Beitun District Yide Village

  • Issued by   Construction Bureauu
  • Date:2014-05-02

Mayor Hu, who pays attention to balancing regional development, came over to inspect the green landscaping works of Yide Village (一德新村). He was warmly greeted by local councilors, neighborhood chiefs, and residents. They thanked Mayor Hu for transforming the idle space into a green park within a short period of time.

Located inside Lane 269, Section 3, Taiyuan Road, Beitun District, the Yide Village whose original land rights belonged to Lin Mao-yang (林懋陽), who was a lineal descendant ofLin Zhen-fang (林振芳); married Lai Duen (賴端), daughter of Lai Chang-rong (賴長榮) in 1907; moved into the address of Yide Mansion in 1925; and built up the Yide Mansion in 1930, when his career reached its peak and he himself became rich.

The Yide Mansion was sold in 1950 and the Joint Logistics Headquarters built up on its vacant land the Yide Village to house 135 families of military dependents and the Yide Mansion was used as residence for 5 higher ranking officers in 1954. The military dependents' village was rebuilt in 1996, when all its residents were relocated to Luguang 7th Village (陸光七村), and was registered as historic buildings by the Taichung City Government in 2007 so as to preserve its unique overall architectural form.

Without proper management, the old military dependents' village deteriorated and affected the cityscape and quality of life of residents in the neighborhood. Thus, under the suggestion of local residents, the Taichung City Government and the Ministry of National Defense took over its management and began the green landscaping works.

Wu Shi-wei (吳世瑋), Director-general of Construction Bureau, said that the green landscaping works cost approximately NT$ 9.3 million, started construction on October 2, 2013 and completed on January 28, 2014, taking 120 calendar days. “We have made a 40-meter-wide greenbelt buffer zone in between the green landscaping works and Yide Mansion so as to preserve the integrity of the monument. The green landscaping areas are divided into 5 zones, namely ‘Tree-Lined Resting Zone’, ‘Lawn Activity Zone’, ‘Children's Playground Zone’, ‘Recreation Zone with Texture of Military Dependents' Village’, and ‘Eco-Forest Zone’. Inside the green landscaping areas, there are walking trails, leisure chairs, night landscape lighting systems and other facilities. All the 49 trees have been relocated from other parts of Taichung City. We have used the trees for green landscaping at a minimum cost,” added Director-general Wu.

Mayor Hu was happy to see the successful completion of the green landscaping works. He was also glad to learn the refurbishment project for Yide Mansion has been contracted out and will be completed in April 2015. “Isn’t it wonderful to have historic buildings inside the Taiyuan Road amid the high-rising buildings? Don’t you feel it is a paradise amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city?” asked Mayor Hu.

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