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Taiwan Balloons Museum

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  • Date:2012-06-26
Taiwan Balloons Museum
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Company name Taiwan Balloons Museum
Company name Taiwan Balloons Museum
Company Profiles We are the only balloon museum in Taiwan. Over 30,000 visitors per year join our museum tour. We tell you all the secrets about how balloons are made. You can experience making balloons yourself. You will see how balloons are used and enjoyed in everyday life. Interested in joining us on an exploration of this fantastic balloon world? You are most welcome to the Taiwan Balloon Museum. 【Products & Services】 Program A (Deluxe tour): Balloon Museum Tour, Balloon DIY, and Balloon Games 150~180 minutes. (NT$200 per person) Program B (Standard tour): Balloon Museum Tour, Balloon DIY 100~120 minutes. (NT$150 per person) Program C (Economy tour): Balloon Museum Tour 50~60 minutes. (NT$100 per person) ‧ Balloon On-line Shop ‧ Annual Balloon Events ‧ Community Caring
Hours Mon ~ Sat: 9AM ~ 5PM
Address No.2, Dafeng Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42946, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL (04)25234126 #121
FAX (04)25276772
Longitude 120.6985903
Latitude 24.2470526
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